Creativity in Entrepreneurship: Importance and Types: The major contributor to economic growth is the Entrepreneurship but there is a huge impact of creativity on it. Creative thinking is a must-have skill that an entrepreneur must have to create some inventive ideas and make the entrepreneurial process a big success. Creativity allows the business to devise some interesting strategies that give advantage to the entrepreneurs.

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Creativity in Entrepreneurship: Importance and Types

Creativity refers to the essential source of inventiveness and can lead to the formation of new firms and to make improvements in existing products of the company to become more efficient and competitive in the marketplace. A blend of creativity and technology in the activities of entrepreneurship to commercialize the idea related to products and services is helpful to strengthen the entrepreneurship.

creativity In Entrepreneurship
creativity In Entrepreneurship

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Importance Of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Do you know what factors made creativity so much important to the entrepreneurial process and works perfectly in the work-life of an entrepreneur? It leads to success due to some reasons as given below:

  1. Creation of innovative ideas: The entire procedure of entrepreneurship rotated around the creation and exploration of some innovative ideas. When an entrepreneur gets innovative that is efficient and in favour of the business, then they can stay ahead o the curve and beat the competition in a very proper manner. It is a kind of learning skill that is possessed by some individuals to explore some inventive ideas and thoughts that can create a huge difference and help the business to stay always in the hit list.
  2. Novel ways to develop and improve the products: Creativity is all the way associated with making changes in the products or services in such a way that it creates something different. Chances of improvement in any product are high but it just needs some sort of creative thinking to know what is missing in the products. This thing can only be assessed by a creative entrepreneur.
  3. Thinking out of the world: The intention and imagination of producing something different with unique ideas are called Creativity. Imagination is always must to cross the boundaries between the normal and unique and come up with something that can help you think outside of the box. The creative entrepreneur always thinks out of the world and replaces the traditional solutions with inventive ones. Creativity meant to be creates something new, interesting and versatile to get some potential.
  4. Searching the same patters but the areas are different: Somehow, due to monotonous routine and surroundings, we always go with the same procedures all the time. A connection between the dissimilar and unrelated subjects allows creativity to happen and make some successful ideas for entrepreneurship. The creation of new niches comes by merging the different ideas and fields which may give something innovative and interesting intersection. There is no fear of bringing the various disciplines together but some may have however interesting ideas comes by mixing the different fields.
  5. Growth of new niches with creativity and entrepreneurship: It is vital to explore the new aspects of conventional business in the entrepreneurship. It can be done in various ways such as by changing the manufacturing techniques, mode of delivery or make some changes in the service or product. All these changes create a big difference in business strategies and give birth to a new niche.
  6. Startup success is not enough: Sometimes, the entrepreneurs get some initial ideas that establish a creative image of the entrepreneur in the eyes of the people and they think that it is not required to be creative again in the future. But this is not at all enough to succeed in the avenue of business as creativity keeps a business to remain ahead of the curve.

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Things keep changing all the time and when you discover a new idea instead of the old one, then you need to find something inventive all the time to stabilize uniqueness in your business. Moving forward with some ideas and thoughts is an integral part of every business and paved the way to success.

  1. A table full of untraditional ideas: Conventional thinking leads to the same procedure for a long time if everyone is doing a particular work in the same way. But if you want to succeed, then you have to challenge the conventional techniques and bring something new in the marketplace. The breed of creativity is Disruption.

To exemplify, Apple Inc, change the vision of people how they look forward to the mobile phone and what the company discovered. No one never thought about mobile phones can be something different and changed the entire mental image of a device.

The whole concept is changed by Apple and when someone heard of “phone”, and then a shadow like a screen emerged. That is called the creativity that fills the table and shows the creativity of an entrepreneur by nature.

  1. Stand out from the crowd: A startup with huge success is something remarkable that can set an example that you are completely unique from others. Need to get up from the crowd.

For instance, when people think about the reasons behind the crash of an application on a mobile device, the entrepreneur should find out the perfect way out to deal with the problem. It was quite tedious and irritating for people to deal with all these issues and the solution seems utterly amazing. Afterwards, people use the solutions and give feedback too. If it is perfectly fine with the device, then it creates a status quo of the entrepreneur and gives a breath of relief.

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  1. Pushing your potential and never stay settle down: If the business is running smoothly and the entrepreneur is comfortable with the whole process, then it is quite dangerous as well as monotonous too. Although the business is doing fine it does not mean that you can’t do better.

However, it shifts the benefit in the hand of the competitor and they can something innovate to put your business down and seems conventional. Never settle as it is not your job place but the business. The business always needs some creativity in the procedure, your products, your knowledge and ideas.

  1. Become a solution: Creativity is not just a flash of motivation but sometimes, the great designers, artists and writers fail in front of the creativity. Continuous working on the problem is the only solution to make it right.

It may take a couple of attempts in some cases and others may take days and even months too. But no need to settle down as you can do better no matter how much time it takes. For example, a perfect logo takes 15 to 20 days to get done with all the accurate colour combinations.

It is vital to understand the importance of creativity in the life of an entrepreneur as it is crucial for all the aspects of the business and plays an outstanding role. Do you ever know about the psychology behind creativity? It is not simple to understand it as it is of different types. As people think that it is a kind of natural skill or talent that very few people have and others think you can learn how to become more creative. But it does not like that

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Types of Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Anyway, here we would like to identify four different types of creativity which may create huge differences in the entrepreneurial process as some of the entrepreneurs do have one. Let us have a quick look at various kinds of creativity.

Different Types Of Creativity In Entrepreneurship

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Deliberate and Cognitive creativity

These characteristics possessed by people who are purposeful. These people have a huge amount of knowledge regarding a particular subject and they utilize their skills and abilities to prepare a plan to accomplish something. When people work in a definite niche for a long time, then they can be built such type of creativity and it takes some time.

People equipped with this creativity are usually very good at research, problem-solving, proper investigation and experimentation. This kind of creativity is in the front part of the brain, which is known as the brain’s prefrontal cortex. A long span of time is spent by these people each day to develop some new ideas and solutions.

For example, one prominent example of this type of creativity is Sir Thomas Alva Edison as he was a creative person. He went through a lot of experiments before inventing electricity, the light bulb and telecommunication. Hence, wide knowledge, dedication and a long time are required for deliberate and cognitive creativity.

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Deliberate and Emotional Creativity

These are a category of people whose work is swayed by their emotions as these people are very emotional as well as sensitive in nature. Relatively, these people need some personal and quiet time to reflect and they like to write a diary. However, their decisions are always logical and rational at the same time.

Their creativity is always a blend of products having deliberate emotional thinking and logical actions. In the human brain, it is located in the amygdala and cingulate cortex parts as amygdale is responsible for human emotions and cingulated is helpful in learning and information procedure. This creativity occurs at random moments and these moments are “a-ha!” moments when a solution is suddenly stuck into the mind of a person to sort out problems or think about the innovative ideas.

To exemplify, this creativity is a situation when a person is low and emotional which a point of distraction for people is. In such type of situations, it takes a few seconds to keep aside all the emotional and sad things and just keep the focus on the work to get some new and inventive creative ideas. In this way, people get off the cuff results and down their work easily. “Quiet time” is required for deliberate and emotional creativity.

Spontaneous and Cognitive Creativity

It is a time when you get into the problem and spend a lot of time to find out the relevant solutions but no solution is to figure out. For instance, when you want a definite schedule for a month to done the job in a timely manner but you do not have any particular idea about the possible way and when you find time for relaxation, you suddenly get an idea in your mind with a perfect solution and everything is done here.

To exemplify, the same thing has happened with the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton as he get the idea about the law of gravity when he was sitting under a tree. This type of creativity gives a “Eureka!!” moment and it happens when a person has the knowledge to do the job but he needs motivation and wants the right avenue to walk through. This occurs at very convenient hours of the day as when you are on the bed or taking a shower. In spontaneous and cognitive creativity, the conscious mind stops working and the unconscious mind starts working to get a chance for work.

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The person stops think consciously as they required to think “out of the box”. The unconscious mind connects with the unique as well as unrelated tasks to link their ideas in a very different way and provide some creative solutions to the problem.

Spontaneous and Emotional Creativity

This type of creativity is associated with the “amygdale” part of the human brain as it is responsible for emotional thinking in the human’s mind. When the prefrontal, as well as the conscious mind, is resting, then this type of creativity happens. Mostly, it can be seen in great artists such as musicians, painters and writers.

It is attached with “epiphanies”. It is a situation when a person realizes something suddenly. This creativity has a major role in scientific breakthrough, religious and philosophical discoveries too. The person looks at the problems or situations in a deep way and gets a deeper viewpoint. These are “rare” moments when discovery takes place. It does not require any specific knowledge about a particular area but there should be a talent such as writing, musical or maybe artistic as well. It cannot be acquired by working.

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Final Words  

Do you know what came first, the chicken or the egg? So, a similar case is here as the entire entrepreneurial process leads to creativity or vice versa. Some believe that the initial step is creating and is followed by entrepreneurial processes. However, doesn’t matter what comes first. It is undeniable that creativity is a must to succeed in the business and to remain ahead of the curve.

So it was all about Creativity in Entrepreneurship, its importance and Types. If you have question then comment below.

Creativity in Entrepreneurship: Importance and Types in Entrepreneurship: Importance and Types: The major contributor to economic growth is the Entrepreneurship but there is a huge impact of creativity on it. Creative thinking is a must-have skill that an entrepreneur must have to create some inventive ideas and make the entrepreneurial process a big success....Everything About Entrepreneurship